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Who can apply, and what is eligible for funding?

Anyone can apply for funding for projects related to the professional work of soloists in Denmark.
We fund releases, concerts, courses etc.

What to include?

To process your application, we need the following information:
  Name and address
  Phone and email
  A list of any other foundations you have applied to
  A brief description of your project
  A budget

What other requirements are there?

Besides this information, your application does not have to meet any other requirements.
We advise you to use our new application form, which is easy to fill out – either by hand or computer.
Download application form >

How do I fill out the form by computer?

If you fill out the form by computer, we recommend using Adobe Reader.
It allows you to save a copy, print and email the application to us.
The program is free and available for both Mac and PC.
Download Adobe Reader here >

Where do I send the application?

Send or email the application to:

68, 4 Dronningensgade
DK 1420 København K

When can I expect a reply?

We process applications continuously, so you can expect our reply within 1-2 months. We receive many applications. Unfortunately, we can only approve some of them as our means are limited.

Gramex supports culture

The money granted by the Danish Soloist Union comes from Gramex, an organisation approved by the Ministry of Culture.

Gramex collects payment when a recorded track of music is broadcast in public, e.g. on the radio, on TV and in stores. This amount is then distributed to the rights holders of the track, that is the vocalists, musicians and record companies.

However, Gramex is not always able to distribute all the money. Some of it goes into a pool of collective funds that are then distributed among nine of the artists’ own organisations, including the Danish Soloist Union.

Three pieces of advice       

Structure your application around three main headlines, and make sure to explain all of them.

Your burning idea
Show us that you are passionate about your project. Tell us the good story and what the project gives to others.

You are a good project leader
Give us a full rundown of the project from A to Z.

A convincing financial plan

Show us that you are financially responsible and able to draw up a realistic budget.

Excerpt from the book Fundraising til kreative projekter
by Maiken Ingvordsen